The Robotic WineCab: A Connoisseur’s Conversation-Starter

A centerpiece among the many attention-grabbers at last week’s New York City-held Luxury Technology Show was the WineCab smart wine cellar, presented by Calvary Robotics – a storage system whose flagship iteration, at $69,000, stewards and preserves more than 200 bottles in dual zones providing optimum temperature and humidity levels at all times. Each bottle is handled with a smooth-gliding, collaborative robotic arm whose movements are controllable with an iOS application interface – an app which also keeps track of inventory by scanning bottles’ labels and provides keynotes about each bottle in the owner’s collection, working from a reference database of over 600,000 labels in the WineCab inventory.



Information is available and accessible on pairings, wine notes and regions. There is also an opaque glass option that shades and protects the collection if the WineCab is located in a room where the sun is sometimes a factor. Other, less expensive versions of the wine storage system are being developed, says Mark Chaney, CEO.


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