Mark Chaney

Innovator, Founder and CEO of WineCab, Mark Chaney’s interest in all things mechanical began at a young age. Working in his father’s garage throughout childhood, he’d tinker together bikes and small inventions. Always making ideas his own and thinking outside of the box, he found something wondrous about designing something and bringing it to life.

After attending the Rochester Institute of Technology and working with a competitor in the automation space, it was his progressive mindset that led Mark to found Calvary Robotics in 1995. Growing the company from a one-man operation, it’s now a world leader in robotic platform design and automated manufacturing with multiple locations around the globe.

But it was a life-threatening illness that pushed Mark for the first time to bring robotic technology to the consumer sector. Homebound and instructed by his doctors not to do anything work-related, his imagination naturally turned to the items inside his own house.

Despite being a longtime collector of wine, Mark felt he could never absorb enough knowledge about his passion to make an honest presentation, particularly when entertaining for friends and family. Thinking there must be a better way, he reviewed the various wine management systems on the market only to find through research that not one of them had more than 1% of globally accessible wines in their system. He knew he could not only develop the software necessary to close this gap, but merge this technology with the robotic load perfected by Calvary Robotics to create something never before seen. Combining these innovative concepts along with state-of-the-art safety and security functions and working with designers to ensure the system’s seamless integration aesthetically into a residential or restaurant setting, the WineCab was born.