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Homes of the Future

WineCab Founder and CEO Mark Chaney was recently interviewed by Jason Hartman of Authority Magazine as part of their "Homes of the Future" series. The full interview is available here. A few excerpts from the article are below:

Asa part of our series about “Homes Of The Future”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Chaney.

Mark Chaney is a serial entrepreneur; as well as Founder and CEO of Calvary Robotics and WineCab, who specializes in custom equipment and robotic solutions. His mission is to create real leaders that not only manage projects and people, but also mentor and motivate people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Mark’s commitment to innovation has grown to go beyond concepts and manufacturing, and further into identifying the needs of clients around the world with advances in technology changing around us every day. Bringing such advanced developments into new spaces for customers/clients, as well and looking at integrating these technologies into homes is the future.

Homebuilding in the US has grown tremendously. We’d love to hear about some of the new trends and techniques that are being used to build the homes of the future.

Most trends in smart homes are about interfaces and software. For example, we see Alexa, and we see televisions on the front of refrigerators. There are a lot of applications that exist, but not a lot of automated physical motion.

The WineCab would be akin to completely changing the process of refrigeration. Taking a scanner and software like ours, and implementing it with a refrigerator could help with shopping list, menus, calorie-counting and auto-fill when items are low.

The difference you see implemented with WineCab is that our interface incites real action. Once you load a wine bottle or case, it robotically scans each bottle, while gathering real time data on the wines, as well as expert recommendations and tasting notes. Our AI helps select wines based on preferences, our security elements can lock out bottles and utilize facial recognition, and auto-refills based on inventory management; And it does all of this in a performing arts way.

I didn’t think people would be as excited as they are about WineCab, but when they see the robotic technology firsthand, it’s transformative. What we’re doing is leaps and bounds beyond what’s on the market.

There is a lot of talk about Smart Homes. Can you tell our readers a bit about what that is, what that looks like, and how that might help people?

Truthfully, the technology for Smart Homes is moving quite slowly as it’s still all about interface. What we’re seeing now with home automation is that it’s created to connect all existing utilities together as well as act as a communication hub. With WineCab, we are reinventing the way people store and serve wine.

Aside from Smart Homes, can you talk about other interesting tech innovations that are being incorporated into homes today?

There are other companies we see working on technology for the home. For example, Google was working on a robotic assistant for elderly. Automated medicine dispensers that aid in presentation and verification of medications.

We are working on a robotic arm that could be installed in your garage and would wash your car. A collaborative arm that would be safe, and it’s about introducing robotics into the home in an organic way.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

I would really like to encourage volunteering. You are bringing value to your life as well as others. When you volunteer, it’s often you get more out of it then the people you are serving. This breeds true joy. You become better financially because you start to value the power of money and what it can do for others. When you are about to waste money on something, you say “wait a minute, this could be important to someone.” It teaches you to love your neighbor as yourself. We have several charities our employees are dedicated to serving and we find that it leads to a happier workplace overall.

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