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Dec. 2, 2020 | News

Rich Toys: Best Tech Gifts for the Man/Woman Who Has It All

WineCab was recently featured in Jetset Magazine in a story about gift ideas for people that already have it all. The full article is available here. An excerpt from the article is below:

What do you get the man or woman who has it all? Well, you find the best of the best in technology and then get something better. The following items will surprise and delight even the most affluent person, as they are not only novelty but useful gifts too.

Wine Wall 15' Staging

Winecab has created two wall and one corner wine storage and dispensing units that store your precious vintages in a temperature, humidity-controlled environment that is accessible through facial recognition. A robotic arm loads, scans and dispenses the bottles. If that wasn’t already the perfect combination of innovation and design, Winecab adds a virtual sommelier that will help you pair meals with your wine selections. All the bottles are scanned, so you’ll be able to access and manage your selection online. Through an app, you can also notify your wine expert when running low and they’ll send a delivery service to your door.

See more gift suggestions and Read the Full Article Here.

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