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Nov. 12, 2020 | News

25 Extravagant, Over-the-Top Gifts for the Adventurous Tycoon on Your List

WineCab was recently featured in The Robb Report in a story about gift ideas for people that already have it all. The full article is available here. An excerpt from the article is below:

What do you get for the person who has everything? Everything else.

What do you give that special person who has it all? For the man who doesn’t just ride in private jets—he owns a fleet of them. Ideally, treasures you can’t find even in the most expensive boutiques, or peerless experiences that they’d never think of themselves. When the price is no obstacle, the only limit is the imagination of the giver, so we assembled extravagant gift ideas that are sure to elicit childlike joy from even the most spoiled and pampered scion in your life. Many are Robb Report exclusives. From a two-person safari and never-before-offered sleepover with endangered gorillas in the Congo bush to a matching Embraer Phenom 300E business jet and Porsche 911 Turbo S, here are our recommendations for the ultimate, over-the-top gifts for your favorite tycoon.

The Sommelier With Artificial Intelligence

When Mark Chaney, founder of Calvary Robotics, became housebound with a long-term illness, he realized advanced technology could modernize an unlikely candidate—his wine collection. The WineWall that Chaney created through his startup, WineCab, bears a vague resemblance to an oversized vending machine, but its slick design and tech features make it more likely to be in a smart home 20 years from now. Facial-recognition software, advanced environmental controls and a sommelier-style artificial intelligence that identifies 600,000 vintages by label separate the WineWall from anything else on the market. The 6-axis, high-speed robotic arm, created specifically for this system, loads, scans and dispenses bottles as elegantly (smoothness was programmed in) as a veteran sommelier presenting a rare Screaming Eagle Cab. The arm is programmed to use minimal pressure and force, while three cameras track its movement.

Chiller Cup Close Up

To safeguard your wine, the WineWall has facial recognition software that identifies the “power” user—you—and any authorized users. The power user can lock out single bottles, as desired, or even the whole collection. The unit also has motion sensors that detect unwanted advances toward the wine. The WineCab controls temperature and humidity levels through its 2,500-BTU cooling unit, the quietest system Chaney could find. An app lets you track the temperature and humidity levels on your phone, while WineCab has several wine experts who can provide advice for owners. Internal software pairs each selected wine with food, and even lets the owner rate the wine and store the comments. The 15-foot WineWall pictured above starts at $249,000, while less-expensive units come in a smaller 11-foot version and even smaller Curio Classic. Its limited production will allow owners to select lighting, trim materials and finishes.

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