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Will Your Next Crew Member Be A Robot?

WineCab was recently featured in Forbes magazine. An excerpt of the article is below:

The new WineCab products, created by oenophile Mark Chaney (who also founded industrial automation firm Calvary Robotics) one-up existing wine storage approaches with a big pour of technology.

Of course, the stunning cabinets feature perfect temperature and humidity conditions for your bottles. And like some products on the market, they feature a digitally-based library catalog touchpad management system for your collection. And an AI-based virtual sommelier feature helps you get to the bottle you want.

But WineCabs are the only wine-storage options on the market that bring all of that together and add the extra visual theater of a high-speed 7-axis industrial robotic arm, specially calibrated for a secure but light touch, to select and present your chosen bottle in under 15 seconds.


WineCabs range from a more kitchen-galley style Curio Classic cabinet, to slimmer WineWall products that might be more functional on-board, which range from six to 15 feet. The 15-foot WineWall can accommodate 600 bottles with additional stowage for 36 bottles. Plus, the cutting-edge robotic arm not only retrieves and dispenses bottles in a flash, but it can auto-load 24 new bottles into the cabinet in sync with the data-management system in under 7 minutes.

The robotic arm provides the romance, but the WineCab products’ rock-solid data management specs are unmatched, as well. Labels are robotically scanned, checked against a database of over 600,000 wines, and the specifics are passed into the management system. In addition, the robotic arm’s use is tracked and added, so real-time history of bottles moved, dispensed, or added (with timestamps) is logged and available via your smart phone. The AI sommelier features walks you through the process of food and wine pairings and leads you to the best bottles in your collection to decant.

The largest WineWall is 9.5 feet tall and 15.5 feet wide, but only about three feet deep owing to its tilted bottle storage racks. And the empty weight is only about 4,500 pounds, making it a practical, but luxurious, addition to your vessel. Sophisticated museum-style lighting and a bespoke selection of trim finishes are available to make each WineWall unique and a visual complement to any yacht decor. Expect options for rare woods popular in maritime interiors like Macassar Ebony and Zebra wood. Even custom etching and carving is offered. And, of course, those options impact the price. At the high-end, a typical 15-foot WineWall starts at $249,000, with lower pricing for smaller units.

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