Optional Upgrades

During your WineCab Ordering Experience, be sure to let your WineCab Specialist know which Upgrades you'd like to add to your Customized Order!

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Single Pour Option

Now your WineCab can dispense a bottle or a single glass of wine. Simply select “Single Pour Glass” instead of “Dispense Bottle” once you have selected your wine. The Bottle will be retrieved and Set into a rotating nest. Sensors detect type of cork present and then inserts correct needle into the cork. The bottle is automatically rotated and lowered into position. Our unique valving system initiates pour and stops when a load sensor under the glass detects glass full to selected ounces. The pour system retracts as the glass is presented to you. The bottle is resealed when the needle is removed, and then restored to its position on the rack wall. The exact amount left in the bottle is remembered by the system and it can remind you before it expires.

Features include: 

1) Pours a single glass
2) Corbin Needle to penetrate and reseal cork
3) 30 seconds dispense time for 6 oz. glass
4) Pours amounts from 1-10 ounces with 1 gram accuracy
5) Partially full bottles have an extended life of 3-6 months depending on cork integrity
4) Replaceable Dual Argon Gas Tanks
5) Cork sensing system
6) Screen and text reminders to use bottle before it expires

*Includes hardware, software upgrades and training.

White Out Glass Option

In addition to the UV protection that is already laminated into our triple pane glass, you can now have full UV protection and privacy at your fingertips by choosing this option. Switch between transparent and opaque (white) glass at your setup screen for preset times, when excess UV light is detected, or at your command with a touch of a button. This is electro-chromatic glass technology at its finest.

*Includes transparent film, hardware and software upgrade.


Earthquake Resistant Mounting Feet Option

Earthquake Resistant Mounting Feet

*Includes (4) mounting feet that are pre-assembled to base.
*Note: Requires drilling and anchoring in floor by a licensed professional.