• What Is WineCab
  • Designer Level Curio Style Cabinet
  • Broadway Style Lighting
  • Robotic Arm
  • Safety
  • Cut Away of WineCab
  • Security
  • Cooling
  • Upgrades

    What Is WineCab

    Perfect Presentation
    Designer Level Curio Style Cabinet

    • Aesthetically Mastered Wine Display that is second to none, becoming a feature attraction of any room or event. Select and design your own WineCab to match your personal style with multiple wood species and metal trims and finish options, hand-picked by artisans that make this customizable and designer ready for any space.

    3 height options

    18 wood species

    4 trim options

    2 wood finish

    Perfect Presentation
    Broadway Style Lighting

    • WineCab’s interior app-controlled lighting features ensure a visually stunning presentation complete with staged broadway style LED’s, and control system to create drama and beauty for different times of the day, events, and personal styles.

    Bottle display wall

    Front display lights

    Presentation light

    Ambient light sensor control

    Perfect Presentation
    Robotic Arm

    • A 7-Axis industrial high speed robotic arm; the arm loads, scans and dispenses bottles in a smooth and mesmerizing way that is akin to any top level art. This will be the first real robotic arm ever installed in a residential setting or restaurant.

    Robot Info Industrial Level Robot

    Collaborative Robot

    Camera assisted movements

    Practical Performance

    • Universal Robotics Collaborative Arm: Designed to share workspaces with humans.
    • When Robotic Arm hits an object, sensors stop all motion.
    • Security Camera: Aids in remote diagnostics.
    • Infrared Sensors: Detects if someone is inside.
    • Inside Cabinet Emergency Stop.
    • 4 Electric Door Locks.
    • Pinch Point Verification Sensor.

    Exterior Cabinet

    High Performance Refrigeration

    Collection Security

    Practical Performance

    • Lock out single bottles or entire collection, if desired.
    • Have complete control and access of your Wine Inventory with just the touch of your finger.
    • Set your own 4 digit code to allow others to unlock your wine by sharing a login.

    Practical Performance

    • 1800 BTU High Performance Cooling Unit - Super Quiet: 49 dBA with minimal vibrations.
    • Heated air from CPU System directed away from internal chamber.
    • Cool air recirculated from top to bottom to aid in even temperature and humidity.
    • Real time monitoring of temperature/humidity/fault log: First of its kind.
    • Statistics can be linked to your smartphone.


    • Let the combination of automation and luxurious beauty take you even further. Your personal customized WineCab has the option of including one, two, or all three upgrade options to meet your needs, whether you are home enjoying an evening by yourself or hosting for a crowd.